Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions services offered in Federal Way, WA

Many people benefit from a wisdom tooth extraction to maintain the appearance and health of their smile. At Federal Way Dental in Federal Way, Washington, David Rubinov, DDS, and the team offer wisdom teeth extractions when you don’t have enough room for them, they’re impacted, or you suffer from an infection. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Q&A

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually form and start to break through your gums in your late teenage years or early adulthood. 

Many people’s mouths aren’t spacious enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth. They may become trapped beneath your gums or embedded in your jawbone (a condition called impaction). Even if they break through, the wisdom teeth can come in at an angle and affect the alignment of your other teeth. 

When might I need wisdom teeth extractions?

If you have fully emerged wisdom teeth that don’t interfere with chewing or daily dental hygiene, there’s no need to have them removed. Often, however, wisdom teeth are very hard to keep clean and are more susceptible to decay and dental problems. 

You need wisdom teeth removal if:

  • They remain completely entrapped within your jaw
  • Emerge only partially through the gums
  • Crowd or damage nearby teeth
  • Cause pain
  • Develop cysts or tumors in your gums
  • Create gum disease or tooth decay

Your provider may recommend a preventive extraction of wisdom teeth. Even if you don’t have an obvious problem with your wisdom teeth, extracting them can stop any infections, crowding, or other issues from developing later on. 

How do you perform wisdom teeth extractions?

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they haven’t broken through the gumline, you need a surgical extraction. Exposed wisdom teeth can be removed with simple extraction methods.

With both procedures, your dentist numbs your mouth to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process, and you may also be placed under light intravenous (IV) sedation. 

What is it like to recover from wisdom teeth extractions?

It’s normal to have some bleeding and discomfort following a wisdom tooth extraction. You can use ice packs to ease pain and over-the-counter pain medications to make you more comfortable. 

Follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions carefully, as these can help you avoid infection or complications, like dry socket. Eat a soft food diet, avoid drinking from a straw, and stick to low-impact activities for several days. 

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